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The Peer Gallery operates as curator and consulting management for projects contaminating art with food – and viceversa.

The Peer Gallery collects photographies and ideas, creates and curates exhibitions and events, consults and inspires artists, brands and institutions. The Peer Gallery is a nomadic art gallery and curatorial concept with a delirious and delicious focus on gastronomy as depicted in vintage imagery.

The Peer Gallery promotes the role of photographic visual memory as a vital part of contemporary art and communication in general. Along the construction of a vintage gastronomy-oriented archive, the Peer’s romanticizing point of view over vintage photography is helping a deeper, emotional, comprehension of photographic documenta. Since the early 1900s, photography has created an artistic language. As a medium which everyone could easily use, it swiftly gave birth to myriads of artists. This has directly inspired the Peer’s fetishistic and gluttonous focus on vintage photography. To collect, restore and save family archives is one of the ways we choose to shift ethnography into the Art scape. Turn your memory into art is an invitation to consider popular photography as a spontaneous yet æsthetic documentation of the XXth century. The Peer aims to evangelize the æsthetics of this idiosyncratic juxtaposition of an anthropology of food culture through artThe Peer Gallery collaborates with artists, art directors and other curators to create and determinate its imagery and mission, exploring every facet of the foodscape through photography, moving image, illustration, and the written word.

The Peer has been imagined by Giulio Di Mauro and David Tibet in late 2009.


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